From A Failing Product To A Successful Video-Sharing App, Mindie Raises $1.2 Million


Mindie’s story is a great tale for every aspiring entrepreneur. When I first talked with the French team, the startup wasn’t working on its viral music video app, but was working on something completely different called Ever.

In only a few months, Mindie was able to abandon its storytelling app Ever, create another app, release it, get a bit of traction. And now it just closed a $1.2 million seed round from SV Angel and others — it even had to turn down investors. In the coming weeks, the team will also relocate to San Francisco.

As a reminder, Mindie is a video-sharing app with a twist. When you record a video, you first pick a soundtrack and shoot a few seconds of video like you would on Vine. Then you share it on Twitter and Facebook. Music is the story of your video, it’s what makes the app…

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